Top 10 popular and secure messengers in the world


1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the oldest and best messenger for iOS, Android, iPhone, Nokia, and BlackBerry. Whatsapp was purchased by Facebook in 2014. And now it’s just the coolest messaging and, of course, the busiest smartphone messenger.

2. Signal

The developers of the two Redphone and TexySecure applications succeeded in defining the signal as an end-to-end encoded message.

In 2014, they tried to add encrypted protocols in partnership with Wattsapp.

3. FrozenChat

FrozenChat is open source and also supports the open XMPP protocol that is used on thousands of servers.

These are run by volunteers so there’s no one central server that can be seized or taken down. Sadly, FrozenChat is only available for Android.

4. ChatSecure

 Chat Secure is developed by the group developer as open source, now available for the Android operating system and iPhone.

5. Wickr Me

Like the previous ones, this messenger also has end-to-end encryption or advanced encryption capabilities. and it supports both Android and iOS platforms. through this messenger, users will be able to send completely private and confidential images, videos and text messages, and they will be comfortable with security.

6. Silence

 Another safety messenger that’s ranked in this ranking, the software is called Silence, which has the capability of encryption or advanced encryption. The silence that exists on both Android and iOS platforms is just one texting or SMS sending platform that does not require an Internet network connection.

7. Silent Phone

The app is open source so can be checked by experts for vulnerabilities. It is free to download for iOS and Android, but you need a paid subscription ($9.95 per month – around £8, AU$13) to make use of all the features.


8. Gliph

Using the 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connectivity, the app can provide a simple and secure environment for its users and their friends.One of the key features of this program is the ability to delete all messages from the transmitter and receiver phones, which is less common in similar instances.

9. Telegram

Telegram is not only a fast and simple messenger service but also has a confidential conversation feature. In this application, conversations are encrypted and accessible only on the same device or where you started a chat.

10. Facebook Messenger

 Like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger also uses signal protocols to encrypt. After starting a secure chat, the user can send any content he wants in a regular message, such as text, photo or video, which does not include the group chat, you can also delete your messages.
However, if someone reports your conversation, encrypted and sent to Facebook. This app is also available for both Android and ios versions.
What’s your favorite messenger? Please write in the comments!

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