Руководство по локациям Fortnite E. G. O. – Кто или что такое руководство по игре E. G. O


Fortnite E. G.O. Locations Guide – Who or What is E. G.O.?

Our Fortnite EGO Locations Guide features a look at a map full of all these landmark locations. These are clearly going to be apart of the story in Chapter 2 of Fortnite, and they are setup to be a military like organization that has spread across the map. There’s currently five total spots on the map that is related to them, and each of these has a different purpose.

What or Who is E. G.O.?

We don’t quite know yet, but it’s clearly some kind of military based organization that has setup shop around the map. The areas seem kind of similar to the Expedition Outposts that were scattered around in the previous map, but I would guess these guys aren’t up to anything good.

Their logo is a collectible spray that can be found in the battle pass. You can see it on flags around their various landmarks around the map.

E. G.O. – T2

Fortnite E. G.O. Locations Map

Here’s a full map of all the current locations where the E. G.O. organization has setup. You can click the map to enlarge it. If you’re curious about other Landmarks, we have a full map of them that can be found right here.

E. G.O. Locations

Here’s a look at all of the current E. G.O. locations!

E. G.O. Staging Post

This is over east of Frenzy Farm, and would likely be a place where things are getting put together or readied for some kind of mission. There’s some satellite dishes and a lot of packaging in the lower level.

E. G.O. Barracks

You’ll find the barracks just north of Lazy Lake. A barracks is usually a place for your personnel to live and keep their stuff. This seems to function similarly as each one of the buildings contains multiple cots for people to sleep in.

E. G.O. Comm Tower

This can be found at the southern part of the island and up in the mountains. That makes a lot of sense, because you’ll notice the big antennas and satellite that is on top of the building. You want to be as close to the sky as you can be to send out communications. What they are exactly communicating. no one knows!

E. G.O. Hangar

The hangar can be found on the far west side of the map and south of Holly Hedges. Hangars are generally for aircrafts, but it looks like this is more of a place where they repair their vehicles.

E. G.O. Science Station

The science station is on the west coast of the map and pretty close to Pleasant Park. They are clearly doing some research here, but it’s unclear what exactly is going on. I’m guessing that these areas will be updated throughout the season to tell more of a story.


The **REDACTED** area is located on the southeastern part of the map. This area is likely going to be ground zero for whatever shenanigans Epic has in store for us this season. It’s currently not confirmed that E. G.O. has anything to do with this area, but it’s hard to not assume they do!


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The plane on the island near sweaty sands is a ego plane crash

I don’t know if it accounts as an official E. G.O. location though.

I think that ego are the good guys, and that alter/alter egos are the bad guys. in the dockyard deal loading screen, it shows alter at dirty docks doing what seems to be smuggling things in. Makes sense since the boats have the alter logo on it. It is currently unknown who was at the island first, but ego are trying to stop alter, seeing as in the lowdown loading screen, ego are examining scratch, which is part of alter.

i heard in some forums that the E. G.O are like the good side military defense force and A. L.T. E.R are his terrorist counterpart, the recent loading screen “THE LOWDOWN” shows some kind of rivalry between the two armies, besides the loading screen “DOCKYARD DEAL” shows A. L.T. E.R doing acts of piracy and smuggling, the devs refer to the armies jokingly as “g. i. joe vs Cobra” when you ask them on reddit

I think ego is good, their logo can be found on some of the good guys skins for the season, they might be a unit put together to stop possible future catastrophes like the meteor from happening ever again

The Battle Pass theme this season said that skins have evil alter egos. This suggests to me that the base skins (which have the E. G.O logo on) are supposed to be the good guys perhaps they are battling who or

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