History of Zhengda Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.



China’s economy was in full wing and moving quickly towards industrialization. Along with it came with a huge demand for steel materials. Our founder, Wang Lirong, snapped up this big fat business opportunity and started a company called Fenghua Stainless Steel Co., ltd. after qualifying himself as an agent for Xinhuada Stainless Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Zhengda Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

The newly-founded company mainly served to sell stainless steel sheets, plates, pipes and profiles obtained from the two companies aforementioned, helping them open new markets with up to 40% sales growth on a year-over-year basis.

To reduce cost and enhance competitive advantage, we opened a new business in Wenzhou by the name of Allianz Stainless Pipe Factory. This location was where stainless steel seamless pipes and welded pipes were sold, which marked our gradual transition from a mere trading company to a comprehensive enterprise.

The company increased investment in its business to 10 million RMB of registered capital, and was renamed to Allianz Metal Products Co., Ltd.

To better serve international customers and create value for them, we built the International Business Department staffed by 6 sales representatives all fluent in at least one foreign language. This department is led by an experienced manager who joined our team in 2011 after having worked in the Fortune 500 company at a management level for many years.

As part of our commitment to providing international clients with quality products at the lowest possible prices, we were proactive in attending many exhibits, such as Canton Fair and (Foshan) International Stainless Steel Exhibition, to extend our reach into global markets.

To meet customer needs and secure complete customer satisfaction, Allianz opened a stainless steel manufacturing facility in Taizhou, Jiangsu. This fully equipped factory used world-class stainless steel manufacturing equipment to do shearing, cutting, surface treating, forming and processing as required.


Allianz stainless steel products were exported to more than 200 customers in over 60 countries across the world, including Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Thus far, we hadn’t got a single case of customer complaint about quality issues, as our 400 plus client companies brought in a sales income of more than 300 million RMB for us. The company, with a staff of over 150, was a dealership for many well-known steel plants in this country.

14 years in the making, Allianz has utilized its industry experience to manufacture quality stainless steel materials and serve customers with attention to detail. In terms of sales volume, the company is among China’s Top 13 Businesses for premium grade steel, Top 50 Trustable Enterprises in Hunan, and the Most Socially Responsible Company in China.

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