Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day


We have compiled a list of the top Valentine’s Day gifts for her this year that should help ensure that you get laid rather than the cold shoulder or headache routine.

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Chemise  – Okay, for those who don’t know what the hell this is, a chemise is a loose-fitting type of lingerie which is unfitted at the waist. It is similar to a babydoll. Usually you should avoid lingerie because style and sizing can be a bi…, but the chemise option is easier for a saleswoman to help you with. They are sexy without being too revealing and most women like to slip into one to feel sexier. Aim for something soft and red.

Earrings  – Jewelry is always a safe bet and earrings (or a bracelet) are something she might not expect. Step one, go to her jewelry box or jewelry area and take a cell phone picture of what she has. Step two, go shopping at boutique-style stores using the picture (and saleswomen) for help in finding something that matches her style.

Standard Red Roses  – Cliché and expensive as hell. This is something you should try to skip; unless of course you are saddled with one of those women who need flowers as a status symbol. You know the type who wants to make sure everyone else in the office knows how much you care and love her. If that is the case then you need to line up your florist and delivery time now and not at the last minute. Want to spice it up? Take some time to write a special poem for her on parchment paper.

Pleasure Kit  – Does your lady like to get freaky? Why not get a pleasure box filled with fun items for play in the bedroom? It is Valentine’s Day after all and physical affection is a must. and other sites can give you great ideas for sensual and sexy gift boxes that contain all sorts of stuff for a long, fun-filled evening.

Perfume  – Dolce & Gabbana along with other well-known fragrance makers have created box sets of perfume with small bottles of various scents. Find your nearest Sephora and ask them for a suggestion along with gift wrap.

Chocolates  – It is hard to go wrong with chocolates, unless you buy the type she hates or a cheap brand. Ghirardelli makes some grate heart-shaped packages which can be easy to find in big box stores, even at the last minute.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries  – This takes some free time and planning. Buy strawberries and get a recipe for making chocolate dipped delights (or go online to Shari’s Berries). You will also need a nice bottle of champagne and scented tea light candles. During the day (hopefully she is out of the house) make the strawberries and hide them in the fridge or a cold spot in the garage such as an ice chest. That night, ask her to wait upstairs while you prepare the setting. Light a fire if you have one, as well as candles all over the living room. Place the strawberries on a plate, the champagne on ice with two glasses, turn out the lights, and turn on some soft romantic music. Bring her downstairs and start with a slow dance. Eat your heart out Marvin Gaye.


The Bottom Line

No matter what you decide to get from our list of top Valentine’s Day gifts for her, there are a few rules of thumb you have to follow. More is always better. Presentation is as important as the gift which means when you give it to her, how you give it to her, and how it is wrapped. Always include a card with a personal note of affection and a compliment. Finally, be in a great mood from the moment you wake up. If you follow these rules and get a good gift your night will undoubtedly end on a very happy note.

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