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Best Fire Type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

What Fire Type Pokémon is the best in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

Pokémon Legends: Arceus has many fire Pokémon to choose from, and every good Pokémon team needs a strong Fire Type attacker. Legendary Pokémon are not being considered as they would obviously be the best options but aren’t always readily accessible to players looking for strong attackers of a certain typing. Hisuian Arcanine is a new Hisui variant of the classic Arcanine and easily tops the charts for Fire Type options in the game.

Hisuian Arcanine

Hisuian Arcanine differs most from the Kanto version of the Pokémon in its typing. Hisuian Arcanine is a dual-type Fire and Rock Pokémon, which sadly gives it two 4x increased damage from Ground and Water-type moves. Hisuian Arcanine does have great stats overall, with a high attack and special attack stat to carry it through most battles with ease.

Hisuian Arcanine’s Stats and Strengths/Weaknesses

  • Type : Fire and Rock
  • Stat Total : 555
    • HP : 95
    • Attack : 115
    • Special Attack : 95
    • Defense : 80
    • Special Defense : 80
    • Speed : 90

    Other strong Fire Type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    While there are many Fire-type Pokémon to choose from in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, there aren’t many three-tier evolution Pokémon. Magmortar , Infernape , and Hisuian Typhlosion shine as the peak of the Fire-type Pokémon in the game, and Ninetails, Rapidash, and Flareon are honorable mentions.


    Magmortar is a safe choice for players looking for a well-rounded Fire-type Pokémon. Magmortar has a great attack and special attack stat, and its sole Fire-typing means that it has no 4x damage weaknesses.

    • Type : Fire
    • Stat Total : 540
      • HP : 75
      • Attack : 95
      • Special Attack : 125
      • Defense : 67
      • Special Defense : 95
      • Speed : 83


      Infernape is the Generation 4 Fire starter and, since its introduction, has remained a steady Pokémon to have on any team. Its Fire and Fighting dual-typing give it a great move pool, and it shines when it comes to its attack, special attack, and speed stats.

      • Type : Fire and Fighting
      • Stat Total : 534
        • HP : 76
        • Attack : 104
        • Special Attack : 104
        • Defense : 71
        • Special Defense : 71
        • Speed : 108

        Hisuian Typhlosion

        Hisuian Typhlosion is a new regional variant of the Generation 2 Fire starter. Legends: Arceus’ Hisuian Typhlosion is a Ghost and Fire-type Pokémon, which gives it a nice immunity to Fighting and Normal-type moves.


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