7 Ways to Have More Dates


Do you get more dates?

Seven ways to more dates:

Keep in mind; much of this advice goes hand in hand with being at least somewhat well-groomed and not acting like a complete dick or tool. There is only so much help we can provide after all…

1. Always carry business cards – In today’s digital world business cards are an elegant throwback. Call them classy if you will. You can leave a card anywhere for anything without pressure. If she calls, great! If not you usually won’t get shot down on the spot like if you were to ask for a number. In some ways they can be a confidence builder because of that lack of pressure.

2. Do things you enjoy – One downside to meeting people at “dating” mixers or at social events like a club or bar are that you have no idea if you have any common interests. A way to bypass this is to join social groups for activities you love or just go out and do what you love. If you see a single woman jogging the same trails all the time make sure to say “hi” because you already have something you share.

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3. Join a same-sex social group – A lot of people join social clubs just to meet the opposite sex and get dates. Instead work on being social and meeting more guys. This is a great way to expand your network of friends and often times someone else will know about a girl who might be right for you.

4. Reconnect with classmates – This goes for high school and college. Reunions or mixers are a way to jump back into that old pool. Again there is a theme of commonality as you shared experiences and have things to start a conversation with easily.

5. Jump generations – Don’t get stuck in that rut which says you only can date a few years above or below. As a younger man to older women you have youth, energy, and virility. As an older man to younger women you have experience and romance.


6. Hit a self-help seminar – These can be a great mixing pot of all sorts of people, but there is the common thread of actually looking to better yourself which can be appealing. People who think they are perfect the way they are often aren’t and women who are looking to improve themselves will be more open to meeting a guy who is as well.

7. Invite friends out – Arrange some fun outings by calling some friends and having them call some friends. You get to meet new people with the comfort of having friends around while getting out and having fun. At the very worst you can have an enjoyable evening out and expand your social network.

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